WBW Architects is an architectural practice led by Ar. Wan Burhanuddin Wan Hassan and maintains its office in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Since its inception, WBW Architects has achieved nationwide recognition, where it operates within the traditional boundaries of architecture and urbanism. Such design works, coupled with our research team in-house, have helped incorporate a sense of realism and practicality into the everyday life of the people.

WBW Architects’s design ethos is driven by the pursuit of quality – a belief that our surroundings directly influence the quality of our lives, whether in the work place, at home or the public space in between. It is not just building but urban context that affects our well-being hence being mindful of the project which is context specific, sensitive to the culture and climate of their place.Whether the right decision is to incorporate the existing building, or to design a new structure, our experience and knowledge of the character and construction of the original lead to successful project delivery and completion for all parties. 

At WBW Architects, our professional team ensures that working alongside the practice is an enjoyable and fruitful experience, with the client being fully involved and supported in all stages.