Thank you for choosing ARCH platform to list the job for you, we built this platform with one aim, to connect designers. With growing audience from our web & social media platforms, we wish to utilize this network to assist you in growing your company. To post it on JOBS.ARCH, the following information are required.

1. Company Name
2. Job Name
3. Jobs description
3. Contact
4. E-mail (for applicant)
5. Social profile : Facebook / Instagram / Webpage
6.  5 Images of your company is required
–  4 Projects + 1 Office environment ( Yes, we want the applicant to know to whom they are applying the job)
– Copy-writing and image processing is subjected to additional charges.

The job listing will be valid on the following platforms
JOBS.ARCH : 30days counted from the day of posting.
Facebook & Instagram: 2days after posting on jobs.arch platform
Facebook & Instagram Stories: twice per week feature,

We will collect the following information and it will be diverted directly to your email server.
1. Applicant’s name
2. Applicant’s phone
3. Applicant’s email
4. Applicant’s message to you
5. Attachment of CV & Portfolio ( <10MB)

For security purpose, the following information will be collected to prevent fraud / spam mail
1. Applicant’s email
2. Applicant’s IP Address