Established in Penang in 1983 as Laurence Loh Akitek, this practice has continued to grow and distinguish itself through numerous projects, creating works with distinctiveness and quality of design in architecture, urban planning, interior design, landscaping and in conservation authenticity.

Arkitek LLA’s involvement in various public, private and commercial projects has resulted in our extensive experience in building housing, offices, factories, schools, resorts, hotels, country clubs and civic buildings. We also have vast experience renovations and upgrading works.

Our approach at Arkitek LLA is to create architecture specific to the local context, culture & environment. Our team is committed to utilise our expertise to create solutions parallel to the nature of our clients and projects. Guided by professionalism and a design excellence approach, we have accrued an exceptional track record and the firm’s impressive reputation has been affirmed by numerous excellence awards in Malaysia and internationally.