KeeYen Architect (KYA) was established by Ar. Lim KeeYen. It is a young Malaysian architectural practice, experienced in multi-disciplinary projects, such as residential, commercial, mixed-used developments and master planning. His works has been selected by Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia |PAM| (Malaysian Institute of Architects) to be published under the book”30 Under 40″ which featured 30 emerging Malaysian architects below 40 years of age.

KeeYen Architect (KYA) dedicates to using multi-perspective and rational means to intervene the development of contemporary living environment, committed to creative-thinking and thorough design solutions. In this complex era, the new ideas and inspirations are always come from the responsiveness and sensitiveness of the contextual study – a careful study of the unique needs, the constraints of each project, from continuous improvements in the process from conceptual to construction details, the transformation between exterior and interior, artificial and natural… All of these are opening up for more possibilities that are making things dissimilar, random and unexpected.