Ikatan Cipta Bina (ICB) was incorporated in 1982, a combination of two Sole Proprietorships, Ciptabina Tempatan (Kuala Lumpur) and Ciptabina Arkitek (Alor Setar). In 2006, ICB was restructured from partnership to corporate body in form of Arkitek ICB Sdn. Bhd. The restructuring was necessary in line with the Partnership’s future expansion which the founders were charting.

AICB Headquarters is based in Kuala Lumpur and acts as the central accounts and administration office. The Headquarters do not run any projects. Instead, all projects are run by the various branches. Each branch is managed by qualified and experienced partner. The number of staff for each branch varies with the projects in hand. Whenever AICBSB secures a big project (above 60 million in value), the works are outsourced to other branches.