IDS Interior Design was established in 1995. From the very beginning to the award-winning interior design firm we are today, IDS Interior Design adheres on professionalism to craft with exquisite ideas and eloquent design. Practical, functional or experimental, we create an environment that delivers on different levels and transform every vision of yours into a reality.

At IDS Interior Design, our team of interior designers are devoted to create not only functional spaces, but also an eloquent design that flows with your vision. We are meticulous with every specific detail to ensure the transformation of a visionary design. The richness in colour and texture, exquisite crafting ideas and strong elegant forms as our typical interior will create a great combination of decent design.

Our designs are created last long and avant-garde. From details to the whole, by doing our utmost to turn your expectation into perfection.

IDS Interior Design will definitely amaze you, since “our work speaks for itself”.