HEDZRIL AND NIK ARCHITECTS is a Kuala Lumpur based architect office specializing in low and highrise residential, mixed development, commercial, urban design and master planning. Founded by Ar. Hedzril and Ar. Nik in 2019, the office seeks to challenge the typical conventions and nuances associated to developments and design focusing on a more ‘in-situ’ architectural product rather than typified, repetitive and void of any contextual relevance.

We believe that putting things in its rightful place is the essence of Architecture. Our perspective of the built-environment is represented as an incomplete puzzle board. Architects’ role is to piece them together. And we view ourselves as the architect who continuously creates unique pieces and add into any missing piece left void of sense.

As the demand of the built-environment changes with time, we strive for design excellence by continuing to evolve our design methodology from one project to another. We also believe that collaboration is the way forward and that each party plays a role in delivering good architecture for the society.