John Bulcock has 30 years experience working as an Architect, Environmental Planner and Landscape Designer on a wide variety of sustainable ‘green’ Projects in Europe, Turkey & Asia. His experience encompasses Architecture as well as Master Planning and since 1994 he has been commissioned to carry out a wide variety of projects in India, China, Korea and Southeast Asia including Residential, Commercial & Institutional buildings and Sustainable Master Planning of Resorts and Townships.

Low energy and sustainable design is central to his philosophy and approach to architecture and he has received a number of awards for his work. Space that the building form creates, not the form itself is the essence of architecture, and is how the architect communicates to himself and therefore to others. This is how the artist communicates to himself, to ‘see’ and understand himself. If others find meaning in it, find that it stimulates them into their own thought, not the artists thought, then I believe we have defined art.